Measuring the Impact of the Spread of Electronic Payment Methods on the Market Value of the Bank Using the ARDL Methodology Applied Research at the International Development Bank

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Marwa Majid Japer
Sabeha Brzan Farhod


The research problem was represented in the problem of the weak use of banks for modern technologies represented by payment tools such as (electronic cards) and the weakness of strategies for disseminating them in a way that meets the needs and desires of customers in a way that can attract the largest number of customers. By adopting the descriptive statistical approach and using the statistical analysis program (Eviews 12) to test the research hypotheses, and the results of estimating the relationship between electronic payment methods represented by electronic cards and automated teller machines in the market value of the stock indicates the significance of the estimated relationship and that there is an effect of electronic payment methods on the market value of the stock.

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