Journal Dimensie Management and Public Sector <p><strong>Journal Dimensie Management and Public Sector</strong> ISSN <a href=""><strong>2709-6211</strong></a> covers all research areas in management, economy and public sector such as Public Sector Management, Facilities Planning and Management, Financial Management, Business Administration, Energy Management, Environmental Management, Marketing Management, Accounting, Administrative System, Brand Innovation and Brand Management, Management, Business Economics, Public Studies, Tourism.</p> Hoedspruit Development Publication en-US Journal Dimensie Management and Public Sector 2709-6211 The Role of Social Investment Funds in Promoting Capacity Development of Youth Organizations in Senegal <p>This take a look at examines the effect of social investment price range at the capacity improvement of teens agencies in Senegal, utilising a blended-strategies technique. Quantitative analyses consisting of descriptive records, correlation analyses, regression analyses, and ANCOVA, along qualitative insights from interviews, shed light on the connection among funding degrees and programmatic effectiveness. The findings display sturdy wonderful correlations between investment ranges and programmatic effectiveness, supported via regression and ANCOVA analyses demonstrating the giant have an impact on of funding on organizational outcomes. Qualitative records in addition improve the understanding, highlighting stepped forward management, resource management, and community engagement amongst teens companies. This observe emphasizes the importance of sustained funding in youngsters-led initiatives and recommends targeted help to maximise their ability as drivers of social alternate and sustainable improvement in Senegal.</p> Thyiderno Thikoune Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Dimensie Management and Public Sector 2024-04-26 2024-04-26 5 2 1 7 10.48173/jdmps.v5i2.262 The Influence of Representativeness Bias, Optimism Bias and Loss Aversion on Stock Investment Decision Making among Investors in Pontianak City <p>The study investigates the impact of representativeness bias, optimism bias, and loss aversion on stock investment decision-making among investors in Pontianak City. Using data from the Indonesian Central Securities Depository and other sources, the research explores the trends and behaviors of investors in the capital market. Through multiple linear regression analysis, the study finds significant correlations between these cognitive biases and investment decisions. The results suggest that while representativeness bias and optimism bias do not individually influence investment decisions, loss aversion has a significant impact. The research contributes to understanding the psychological factors affecting investment behavior in the stock market.</p> Pratiwi Pratiwi Dedi Hariyanto Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Dimensie Management and Public Sector 2024-04-26 2024-04-26 5 2 8 17 10.48173/jdmps.v5i2.259