Learning Models in English

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Solomon Zulu
Gampani Phiri


The aims of this paper are know the definition, competence and the procedures of each learning models in English. The learning process at school is an educational process that is planned, integrated, and systematical coordinated with clear and firm evaluation standards and measures. By therefore, everything related to the process learning in schools is an interpreted whole cannot be separate and random. A curriculum there must be systematically connected with the methodology learning is used, while the methodology the lesson must also be formulated in details and details. Therefore, curriculum development on practice is always bound and is strongly connected with learning methodology.

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Zulu, S. ., & Phiri, G. . (2020). Learning Models in English. Journal Educational Verkenning, 1(1), 14-20. https://doi.org/10.48173/jev.v1i1.25