Published: 2021-03-03

The Effect of Outpatient Health Services on Health Social Security Administrator Participant Satisfaction

Bukhori Muslim Sinaga, Muhammad Badiran, Asriwati Asriwati | Pages: 13-21

Factors Affecting the Use of PPE (Personal Protective Tools) in Nurses in Hospital

Cindy Saras Wati, Thomson P. Nadapdap, Manelly Lubis | Pages: 22-34

Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intention of Nurses at Islamic Hospital Faisal Makassar

A. Siti Wadi’ah, Fridawaty Rivai, Yahya Thamrin, Syahrir Pasinringi, Irwandy Kapalawi, Masyita Masyita | Pages: 43-49