Journal Wetenskap Health Volume 1, Issue 2, 2020

Published: 2020-12-05

Erderly Behavior Factors Affecting Compliance of Hypertension Patients at Mitra Medan Public Hospital

Lingse Elsina Sianipar, Razia Begum Suroyo, Muhammad Badiran, Yuniati Yuniati | Pages: 17-35

Chemical Waste Management in Hospital; Impact on Environment and Health

Nadia Abidar, Sofia Tiskat, Maryami Zohra | Pages: 36-41

The Effect of Life Quality on Erderly with Hypertension at Mitra Medika Tanjung Mulia Hospital

Irma Yuliana, Razia Begum Suroyo, Asriwati Asriwati | Pages: 42-51

Impact of Global Warming on Public Health

Magaille Hodambia, Sindi Dandala | Pages: 65-70

Analysis of Determinant Factors in Stunting Children in Palopo, Indonesia

Resty Ryadinency, Suwandi N, Try Ayu Patmawati | Pages: 77-82

Breast Self-Examination (SADARI) by Teachers of Methodist High School, Medan

Revince Nahulae, Mappeaty Nyorong, Achmad Rifai | Pages: 96-103

Description of Fertile Age Couples with Long Term Contraception

Nurhasanah Ginting, Sarma Lumban Raja, Rina Hanum | Pages: 104-117

The Influence of Leaflet Media on Students 'Knowledge, Attitudes and Smoking Actions

Rusli Rusli, Nur’aini Nur’aini, Anto Anto , Lucia Lastiur | Pages: 118-126