Family Support with Elderly Independence in Fulfilling Activities Physical and Mental Health

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Fathy Ramadhon Sobhi
Mervat Sedki


Physical, mental, and emotional changes in the elderly need family care, since family assistance alleviates aging difficulties. They need the assistance of individuals close to them to be able to enjoy life in old age and be happy or feel pleased. Older reliance is created by the fact that many elderly individuals are suffering from physical, cognitive, and psychological decline, which means that the elderly are going through changes that are unfavorable. As a consequence, physical mobility issues will impede the elderly's ability to carry out everyday tasks independently. Family serves as a secure and serene haven for relaxation and healing, as well as a tool for mastering emotions such as empathy, care, and concern for the elderly.

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Sobhi, F. R., & Sedki, M. . (2021). Family Support with Elderly Independence in Fulfilling Activities Physical and Mental Health. Journal Wetenskap Health , 2(2), 22-26.


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