Reproductive Health Education on Attitudes About Teenage Girls Premarital Sex

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Johnstune Nehioshon
Buniface Mechirie
Mkamzie Ndambuki


Sexual health is described as a condition of total physical, mental, and social well-being in all aspects of sexuality, not only the absence of sickness or impairment. Reproductive rights, on the other hand, are the rights to reach the highest levels of sexual and reproductive health. This includes the freedom to make reproductive choices without fear of discrimination or violence. Complete knowledge, as well as the instillation of religious beliefs and standards, may help to protect children and adolescents from sexual offenses.

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Nehioshon, J., Mechirie, B. ., & Ndambuki, M. . (2021). Reproductive Health Education on Attitudes About Teenage Girls Premarital Sex. Journal Wetenskap Health , 2(2), 38-44.


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