Analysis of Discharge Planning Implementation at Siloam Hospitals Balikpapan

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Andi Batari Toja Michdar
Fridawaty Rivai
Yahya Thamrin
Syahrir Pasinringi
Alimin Maidin
Hasnawati Anqam


This study aims to analyze the implementation of discharge planning at Siloam Hospitals Balikpapan in 2018. The type of research conducted is a mix method research. The sample of this study was taken with a total sampling of patients in the Inpatient Installation which was then observed on 260 medical record documents to determine the percentage of completeness of filling items and the timeliness of returning medical record files, then 7 (seven) informants. The results showed that the results showed that the implementation of discharge planning at the Siloam Hospital Balikpapan inpatient had not been running according to the standards set by the hospital, namely 100%. In the discharge planning implementation, the most influential factor is the human resource factor, seen from the discharge planning cycle implementation from the initial HR involvement to the end. It is recommended for hospital management that the parts that are still not appropriate (14.5%) to be evaluated further, so that the causal factors can be immediately corrected. For the implementation of communication, it is necessary to convey clearly and accurately related to the information provided so that it is easy to understand and run in accordance with policy objectives such as holding regular socialization so that health workers understand the outline of the purpose of implementing this discharge planning.

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Michdar, A. B. T., Rivai, F. ., Thamrin, Y. ., Pasinringi, S. ., Maidin, A. ., & Anqam, H. . (2021). Analysis of Discharge Planning Implementation at Siloam Hospitals Balikpapan. Journal Wetenskap Health , 2(2), 27-37.


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