The Effect of Promotion Costs in Increasing Sales in GN Electric Appliance Business

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Henry Ndidi
Zaidu Etebo


This study aims to see the effect of promotion costs in increasing sales of GN electric appliance business. Case study research methods and data collection. The company as the object of research, namely the company is engaged in the sale of electric tools at the GN Electric Appliance Business. The result of this calculation means that the cost of promotion has an influence on the increase or decrease in sales of the number of equipment. The regression coefficient is positive, that if the cost of promotion has increased, then sales of power tools will also increase. The calculation of the correlation analysis shows the number r = 0.99 close to positive 1, which means that the relationship between promotion costs and sales of electrical equipment shows a strong and unidirectional relationship, if promotional costs have increased then sales of electrical equipment will also increase.

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