Vannamei Shrimp Cultivation Including Distribution, Feed Quality and Feeding Method

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Sanjide Aktur
Nilafu Yeumine


One of the commodities that help improve the economy of farmers in the country, especially in East China, namely the commodity shrimp. Shrimp is a source of high-quality animal protein. And for the state, shrimp is the prima donna of non-oil and gas exports. Shrimp is a type of brackish water consumption fish. The 13-segmented bodies are 5 head and 8 thoracic segments and the entire body is covered by an outer frame called an exoskeleton. Generally, Vannamei shrimp is available in the market, consisting mostly of sea shrimp. Only a small part consists of freshwater shrimp, especially in areas around large rivers and swamps near the coast. Freshwater shrimp are generally included in the Palaemonidae family so that experts call them the palaemonid shrimp group

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